Do you want to have healthier, shinier and more manageable today?

"With my Swiss All Natural Gold Particle Shampoo, you will experience how real gold particles accelerate and enhance the benefits of our healthy natural ingredients. People who try our shampoo, never use another shampoo again"

Anna Farrell Swiss Beauty

Why Women Choose Anna Farrell Shampoo

Why real gold particles?

Our Swiss all natural shampoo contains real gold particles. In fact, they are the third most abundant ingredient in our shampoo. We do this, so that you experience the maximum health benefits, each and every time you wash your hair.

Gold particles have been shown to provide significant scalp and hair benefits.

Not only do they leave your hair beautifully radiant after every wash, but also it has been proven that in the presence of real gold particles, the benefits of healthy ingredients like essential oils and herbs are intensified and accelerated making your hair and scalp feel nourished and healtier.

How is your shampoo made?

Each bottle of Anna Farrell gold particle shampoo is lovingly produced with NO animal testing. Our shampoo is vegan friendly, 100% natural with no sulphates or paraffin. You should avoid sulphates as they dry out your scalp and actually strip protein from your hair.

Most women tell us that after just one bottle, all of the damage caused by thier former shampoo is completely reversed.

Paraffin, used by many commercial shampoos, has been proven to cause cancer. Our all natural shampoo contains neither harmful ingredient.

Will my hair type benefit from your shampoo?

Absolutely! Because our shampoo is sulphate, silicone and paraffin free, the shampoo is ideal for all hair types.

Women have been long sold the idea that their hair needs fixing using some special shampoo to treat their condition.

The truth is, your scalp and hair needs what your body needs: healthy ingredients which nourish them. You will be amazed by the results your achieve switching to our shampoo.

Moreover, the essential oils and herbs will bring your skin into balance in ways you have yet to experience. Women write to us with all hair types to tell us how excited they are about the difference our formula is making.

What are the values of your company?

ANNA FARRELL believes in sustainable shampoo. This means responsible sourcing of her ingredients (all European and certified natural), using fully recycled packaging and supporting women's empowerment.

When you join our shampoo family, you are not just doing good for your scalp and hair, but also the world.

A portion of the proceeds of each bottle is donated to support women entrepreneurship and education.

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